The Need

“Meeting the challenges facing healthcare organizations today requires not just great leaders, but great physician leaders.  The most successful organizations are fundamentally re-thinking and redesigning care delivery at the front lines of medicine.  They are rapidly transitioning from a volume-based, fee-for-service system characterized by episodic, sometimes unnecessary care, to one focused on managing the health of populations through proactive care management….Physician leaders can be the catalyst for organizations to navigate the transition….”

National Center for Healthcare Leadership (2014)

Our Approach

CPLE provides a variety of assessment tools and coaching services to meet the development needs of physicians and physician leaders in a flexible manner recognizing the unique time constraints of these busy professionals.

  • Our tools target the following levels of physicians:  residents, physicians, entry level physician leaders, mid-management and executives with customized programs for each level.
  • Our competency model was designed with 8 Competency Categories and 28 competency elements so organizations can “mix and match” the elements to their own competency model.
  • The assessment tools can be offered in either a web-based or in-person format.
  • Timing of the assessment is based on the physician’s availability.
  • The tools can be administered individually or in a bundled approach.