Introducing LevelSet: Physician Leaders Feedback

We’re excited to announce that a new feedback tool is now available – LevelSet: Physician Leaders. We recently partnered with Leader OnBoarding” to develop a variant of LevelSet: Early Feedback that addresses on the unique needs of Physician Leader transitions. (Read more about our partnership here.)

Physician Leaders are Often Feedback-deprived

Feedback is an important part of job effectiveness for any role. However, it’s extremely difficult for new Physician Leaders to get timely, frank feedback, for a number of reasons (read about them here). As they advance through their careers, most physicians don’t receive formal leadership training, and underestimate the importance of giving and receiving feedback constructively. This feedback gap contributes to mistakes, poor decisions, strained collaboration, compromised patient care, low morale, and higher turnover on their teams.

LevelSet: Physician Leaders counteracts those concerns. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the New Physician Leader’s effectiveness – navigating organizational culture, essential relationships, knowledge acquisition, and leadership of their team.


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Why aren’t New Physician Leaders getting the feedback they need?