Physician Assessments

Today’s healthcare environment requires physicians to be more than skilled diagnosticians and technicians. Most healthcare organizations are skilled in screening physician candidates on their knowledge and technical skills.  Fewer have systems that allow them to evaluate whether the physician has the interpersonal and communication skills to create a caring environment.

To address this need, CPLE provides assessment tools focused on personality, interpersonal style and communication skills that can be blended into a physician screening process.

Our assessment tools:

  • Utilize proven approaches to assessing personality characteristics and behavioral tendencies
  • Focus on enhancing the existing interview process
  • Can be employed flexibly; i.e., used in circumstances that warrant their use but not in other circumstances.
  • Focus on empowering those currently involved in the selection process (versus being a “black box” that removes choice and can easily become a source of controversy)

The tools will focus on adding information and capabilities at two critical stages of the screening process:

  • Just prior to the invitation to attend on-site interviews
  • During the on-site interviews themselves